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Candidate Support


1.1) Validity Expired
The test is valid for a certain period, once the validity has expired, you will not be able to attempt the test. We recommend you connect with the recruiter/consultant regarding any further assistance on this.
1.2) Invalid Username and Password
It seems that you are making a manual error while entering the credentials. Please copy & paste the credentials from the test invitation email instead of typing it. Please ensure that there should not be any space (pre or post) in username and password.
1.3) Test Not Activated Yet.
Your test is not active yet, please recheck the validity of your test and attempt once your credentials are active.
1.4) Access Denied
Please follow these steps:
  1. Maximize browser window
  2. Enable Webcam, Microphone & location by going to the setting section of the browser.
  3. Clear the cache memory, restart the browser, and try to login again.
In case if the issue persists, please switch to a different browser.

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