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Microphone issues

Case 1: You can't hear anything while using your microphone
Please check which microphone have you selected on the ‘Permission’ screen.
  • If you are using your system’s microphone, you should select ‘Default’ from the drop-down when prompted by your browser 
  • If you are using an external microphone/headset, then select that microphone/headset from the drop-down list. You can use the windows sound recorder to ensure the microphone is working.
Case 2: You’re unable to hear your own voice (after setting up an external microphone/headset)
Check the sound recorder settings of your operating system. Adjust the microphone volume so it is on maximum then restart your system.
If it still doesn't work, and you haven't tried already, then try using Mozilla Firefox to take the test. When you are prompted to allow your microphone to have access, choose the microphone tagged with 'High Definition Audio'. Do not use the default microphone from the drop-down.
If you are still unable to hear your voice then you may need to use a different system.

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