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What is the difference between 'Time Needed', 'Overall time you will need' and 'Time Limit'?

Time Needed and Overall time you will need is the typical amount of time that it should take to prepare for the assessment and answer any practice questions if applicable. This includes the amount of time it should take to read the instructions, answer the assessment questions and, if applicable, review your responses.

Time Limit indicates that the assessment has a timer that will count down. Once the timer reaches 00:00, you will not be able to answer any additional questions. Some assessments are designed to see how many questions you can answer within a specific time frame therefore you might not be able to answer all of the questions within that time limit. Please try to work as accurately and quickly as possible.

Please Note: Not all assessments will indicate that there is a Time Limit. An example of this is an assessment that has a time limit of 3 minutes per question. However, it is best to fully read the instructions that are presented prior to the assessment for additional details as the time limit per question would be presented on the instructions page.

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