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Where can I get help with questions I have about Smart Interview Live?

1. How do I join the interview? 
You might have received an invitation to join the interview at your registered email address. To join the interview, hit ‘Join Interview’, it will redirect you to the Smart Interview Live interview session. 
2. I see a window that the interview hasn't started yet? 
If you have entered the platform and observed that the interview hasn’t started yet, it is probably because the interviewer hasn’t yet joined the session. Refresh the URL after a minute or so, and you will be able to enter the platform. 
3. Is there any specific device requirement to run the Smart Interview Live platform?
Yes, please note the Hardware Requirements: webcam and microphone are mandatory. You can also check the compatibility of the devices using the below links:
  • To ensure your webcam is working fine, please click on
  •  To ensure your microphone is working fine, please click on
Software Requirements: as listed below:
  •  Web interface
  • Google Chrome 60+ 
  • Mozilla Firefox 60+ 
4. I am not able to see the chat sent by my interviewer. 
Click on the chat option on the bottom right corner of the screen. You will be able to chat with the interviewer once you have clicked on the chat option.
5. My internet is fluctuating; I am not sure if others are able to see/ hear me. 
You can check the connection of your mic/ internet, and webcam from the ‘device status’ option under settings. A green tick means you have the required infra.
6. I was logged out of the interview because of an internet connectivity issue. How do I re-join the interview?
You can simply click on the ‘Join interview’ link again, and the interview will be resumed. Please make sure that the internet connection is stable while you re-join.
7. I don't understand where I can write a code.
You can simply click on the Settings button and click on ‘Quick Tour', which should help you understand where you can write and run the code.
8. Can I send my resume to the interviewer from this platform?
Yes, please click on the Chat icon at the right bottom corner of the platform, click on the attachment icon, attach a file, click on the attachment icon, attach a file, and click on the Send icon.
9. Can I change the language while writing a code in the Smart Interview Live?
Yes, on the top right corner of the compiler, you can select from the list of languages allowed.
10. I am not able to see questions given by my interviewer, where can I see that?
Once the interviewer shares a question with you, you will see it in the middle of your screen, and you can click on ‘View More’ or there is an icon given in the middle of the screen, as with the icon ‘Q’. Click on it and it will take you to the Question View.
11. I have enabled the mic and webcam on the Smart Interview Live platform but still getting the error ‘microphone not found’ or ‘webcam not found’. 
You can quickly do multiple levels of checks in this case:  
  • Make sure you close any other application using your camera/ microphone before you start the interview.  
  • You can check your browser site settings and ensure that the microphone and webcam is allowed to access the Smart Interview Live’s URL.  
  • If you are still not able to connect, you should go to your system settings – click on ‘sounds’ for microphone settings and ‘camera’ for webcam settings. Use the troubleshooting options listed. 
12. How to provide access to webcam/ microphone (steps to be followed)
Application Level Check
  • You will be re-directed to this page once you click on the interview link, please enable the microphone and webcam icon at the bottom left of your Smart Interview Live screen.
 Browser Level Check
  • If the issue persists, please click on Site Information and see if access has been given to Smart Interview Live to use Webcam and Microphone, if not please click on drop-down and change permissions from ‘Block’ to ‘Allow’.
  • Then click on the video icon (marked in yellow) in the URL and check if your microphone and webcam is listed and has been allowed to access Smart Interview Live.
  • You can also check by going into Site Settings of the platform as shown below and please check if you have given site permission to access webcam and microphone.
System Level Check
  • Please go to your system settings
  • Click on System . Click on Sound and see if your microphone is listed and working properly, else you can click on troubleshoot and take system’s guidance to resolve the issue.
  • For Webcam, go to your system’s webcam settings and see if webcam is listed. Make sure that it has been enabled and permission is given to all the sites to use webcam
Note: Above steps are for Google Chrome and Windows 10, however all the browsers and windows have similar steps to follow and troubleshoot the issue.

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