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I have already completed one (or more) of my tests but it is no longer showing as completed. What do I do?

If, the first time you clicked on your test link, you had to enter your personal information to create a new account, then you will need to use the username sent to you after you first registered, to continue with your remaining test(s).

Please note that if you have completed a test on this is a practice website. To complete your actual test(s), you will need to use the original test link that was sent to you by the company you are taking the test(s) for. Results from tests completed on the practice website will not be shared with the company you are taking the actual test(s) for.

If you have received more than one e-mail (with different usernames) it is likely that you have registered more than once. If you have not yet started to complete your remaining test(s), please log out and log back in with the first username that was sent to you. If you have already completed your remaining test(s), you will need to contact the company you are taking the test(s) for, to let them know you have completed them using more than one username.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your local Technical Support team by using the Contact Form widget on the right side of this page.

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