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Can you provide me with all of the information that you hold on me?

We can check our systems to confirm to you what of your data we hold on you as a data controller. This would include 1) any time where you have called in directly for support, 2) if you have taken any practice tests on our site or 3) if you are registered to receive marketing information from SHL. In circumstances where we are the data controller of for your personal information we can provide your data when reasonably requested.

We cannot provide information from our systems where we are processing personal information for our clients unless we have the clients’ specific permission as the client is the data controller. As such, our contracts with our clients require us to obtain clients’ explicit permission before we can give you access to any information we hold on their behalf.

If you have taken an assessment at the request of a client, you must submit your request for information directly to that organization. Please provide the client with the following details:
the assessment type and date completed;
full name and email address used; and
if you took the assessment at the request of a specific organization (i.e., as part of an application for employment), the name of that organization.

Once we are instructed by the client, we will review our systems and provide the client a record of all personal information we have on your for that client. The client, as the data controller, will then provide you with the personal information held in our systems.

Please complete the Data Subject Access Request Form available at (or provide the information requested in the form) and email it to or return it to us via the postal address indicated in the Form.

Once we have received your information and proof of identity, we will respond as described above. When you submit your proof of identity, please let us know if you prefer to receive your information via post or via email.

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