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Verify Gen 1 tests are being retired

Note: this article is only available in English and Simplified Chinese 
SHL is committed to providing our customers with the most accurate and reliable talent insights. As part of our continuous effort to do this, we have decided to retire some of our legacy Verify tests, so all our customers can benefit from the latest assessments and reports. 
During 2024, the products listed below will be retired and will no longer be available for use.
Their replacement options are shown in the column to the right:
Legacy Product (to be retired) New Product Options
Verify - Verbal Reasoning
Verify Interactive – Deductive Reasoning
Verify – Deductive Reasoning
Verify – Verbal Ability
Verify - Inductive Reasoning (v1 - 2007)
Verify Interactive - Inductive Reasoning 
Verify - Inductive Reasoning (v2 - 2014)
Verify - Numerical Reasoning
Verify Interactive - Numerical Reasoning
Verify – Numerical Ability
Verify – Calculation
Verify Interactive - Numerical Calculation
Verify – Checking
Verify – Checking (2022)
Verify - Mechanical Comprehension (2010)
Verify - Mechanical Comprehension (2014)
Verify - Reading Comprehension
Verify – Verbal Ability
What do customers need to do:
  • Use the SHL Product Catalog below to understand the replacement options and choose a replacement product
  • Phase out usage of projects using the retired assessments
  • Create new projects with the replacement product and use these projects for future requisitions
For more information about these new assessments, please go to the SHL Product Catalog and search for the assessment name: 
This will provide the following information:
  • Construct definition
  • Language availability 
  • Test Length and Test Time
  • Sample items
If you have any other questions or need help transitioning away from your legacy assessments, please contact your regional Customer Experience team. 
We look forward to your continued partnership using our most up-to-date products. 

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