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What products are being retired?

SHL are committed to providing our customers with the most accurate and reliable talent insights. As part of our continuous effort to do this, we have decided to retire some of our legacy products so all our customers can benefit from the latest assessments and reports. 
From 13th October 2023, you will no longer be able to administer new projects using one of our legacy products. This applies to both retired reports and retired assessments. Any active projects that are using a retired product will be supported until that project ends. Details of the products that will be retired, and their replacement, are outlined in the table below:

Legacy Product

New Product

APAC Full Profile Report OPQ Profile Report
OPQ32 Signals Report OPQ Profile Report
OPQ32 Assessment Support Report OPQ Profile Report and Universal Competency Report
OPQ32 Careers Guidance Report Universal Competency Report
OPQ32 Management Competency Profile Universal Competency Report
OPQ Manager Report OPQ Manager Plus Report
OPQ Premium Report OPQ Premium Plus Report
OPQ Emotional and Social Competency Report Universal Competency Report
CCSQ and Reports
  • CCSQ Manager Report
  • CCSQ Interview Guide
  • CCSQ Personal Report
  • CCSQ Profile Report
Contact Center 8.0 JFAs
WSQ and Reports
  • WSQ Profile Report
  • WSQ Manager Report
  • WSQ Tech Select Report
Industrial 7.1 JFAs
  • Industrial Entry Level 7.1
  • Industrial Professional & Skilled 7.1
  • Industrial Semi-Skilled 7.1
 If you have any questions regarding these product requirements or would like additional support in transitioning away from any of these products, please contact your Account Manager. 

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