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How can I retest a candidate in the same project?

There is a feature in TalentCentral called Duplicate (or Duplication) Application Check. If it hasn’t been already, this will need to be turned on by SHL before a candidate can be tested again in the same project. Our Technical Support teams can help you request this. You can get in touch with your local Technical Support team by using the Contact Form widget on the right side of this page.
Once it has been turned on you will be able to add the candidate to the project again using their name and email address to create a new test link. Multiple Use links cannot be used to retest a candidate within the same project, which is why the candidate must be added to the project again individually.
When you click on Update Project you will get a message asking if you are sure you want to add the candidate again, which you will need to agree to. The candidate will need to use their existing credentials to log in.

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