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How can I add additional assessments or reports to my project on TalentCentral™?

For more information on setting up projects, please download the Quick Start Guide here.

You can manage and edit projects either from the menu bar or directly from any favourite projects that have been saved to your homepage.

Locating and Managing Existing Projects

To edit and/or add information to an existing project which is not listed as a favourite:
  1. Select Manage from the menu bar on the top of the page.
  2. Then select Project from the drop down:

  1. Locate your project from the list available or use the filters to search for a specific project.
  2. Click on the project name to select your project.

After a project has been published, you can:
  • Edit products.
  • Add additional users to the project.
  • Add or manage candidates.
  • Edit notifications, invitations and emails.

Adding Additional Products to Existing Project:

When you have located the existing project under the Manage section, and clicked on the project name, you will see the following overview:

  1. Click on the tab named “Products”
  2. When menu opens, click on the option “Select Manually”
  3. Search for the required assessment or report in this field and select when located
  4. Ensure you select the correct language and click on “Add”
  5. The system will now ask you to confirm, if you wish to add the report as a Core or Additional Product.

For most projects, the assessments and reports should be added as Core items so that they are available automatically. In some cases, you may wish to add additional assessments or reports for some of your candidates.

When you are creating the project, adding an assessment or report as an Additional item will mean that it is not immediately accessible, but can be activated later for the candidates that you choose. Any reports added after the project deadline has passed will automatically be added as Additional items as well.

Select the option that you wish to use (Core or Additional). You will now see the product on the right side of your screen, under the products tab.

Click on “Update Project” and wait till site has confirmed it’s updated.

The selected assessment/report has now been added.

Activating additional assessments and reports

In the screenshot below, the OPQ Universal Competency Report has been added as an additional item, as well as the verification tests for the Verify tests on the project.

To activate an Additional assessment or report, go to the project through the Manage > Projects menu option, open the project, and expand the Manage Candidates section.

Then locate the candidate for whom you want to activate the additional content and click on the blue arrow in a circle to the left of their name.

This will show the list of the candidate’s assessments and reports. Any additional items will show an Invite link next to the task. Clicking on the link will activate it.

If this is for an additional assessment, the candidate will then be emailed to let them know the assessment is available to them. If this is for a report where the candidate has already completed all their tasks, no email will be sent to them.

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