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How do I use the Bulk Import feature on the TalentCentral™ platform?

Adding a large number of named candidates to a project can be time consuming. Bulk Import allows you to upload multiple candidates in one go using a template. All you need are the candidates' first and last names and their email addresses.
Using Bulk Import:
  • Create a project as you normally would, entering all the required fields. How do I create a project and send out a test using the TalentCentral™ platform?
  • Under Candidates, click on Download a template file to get a template. Alternatively, you can use the file attached to this article
  • Save the file somewhere where you can easily locate it later and then open it in a spreadsheet application, such as MS Excel
  • Enter the candidates' title in column A, their first name in column B, their last name in Column C, their email address in Column D and a language code in column E. For more information about these options, click on [Need help?] on the project page
  • Make sure you save the file in an Unicode text format
  • Return to the project the candidates will be added to
  • Under Candidates, click on Bulk Import
  • Search for the file at the location you saved it in and choose Open
  • Scroll down to check that your candidates have been added to your project
  • Work through all the remaining sections of the project set-up as per usual. When you are satisfied that all the choices you have made on the project are correct, click on Create Project. This will send an invitation email to all the candidates that have been added using Bulk Import providing their email addresses are correct

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