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What is an Assessment Profile and how can I set one up in TalentCentral™?

An Assessment Profile is a collection of assessments and reports that can be used as a basis for creating projects. These are saved in your TalentCentral™ platform account and can be added to a project. Assessment Profiles can be used to ensure the consistent measurement of job competencies across hiring events and teams.

To create an Assessment Profile:
  • Click on Create New from the top menu bar and select Assessment Profile.
  • Enter a name for your Assessment Profile. You may also choose to select a Level, Family and a Description, but these are optional
  • Under Select Products*, search for the tests you would like to add to your Assessment Profile
  • Click on the test name to view a description and, if applicable, specify the test level, language and comparison group
  • To add the test to your project, click on the Add button. You may be prompted to select related items, if applicable. Click on Done when you have made your choice
  • Confirm that Selected Products contain all the tests you wish to include in the Assessment Profile
  • Click on Save when you are satisfied with your choices

However, if you wish to create a project using your newly created Assessment Profile, click on +Save and Create Project.

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