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How can I customize a candidate email/SMS invitation?

  • Click on Username in the top right corner.
  • Select Custom template.
  • There are two tabs displayed on the landing page, one is Email, the other one is SMS. Candidates can be notified by Email, SMS or both.
  • Go to Template Type, there are several options available in the dropdown list. You may select the relevant Type as per the requirement.
  • You can either select an existing template or create a customized template by clicking on Create New.
  • Input the Email/SMS body in the content area. The body layout and format can be customized.
  • To include dynamic fields such as username, password, name and date range please use %username%, %password%, %name%, %startDateTime%, %endDateTime%.
  • Please not that the content length for the SMS template is restricted to 160 characters.
  • Once the template has been created [Email or SMS], it can be made active as a User default template or a Company default template.

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