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How can I schedule a test?

  • Go to My Assessments
  • Search for the desired Assessment
  • Click on Schedule Assessment .
  • Set the country, time zone and the open/close date and time values for the login window.
  • There are 3 ways to add candidates' information: Bulk data upload, Add individually and Common Link.
    • For the Bulk data upload method, you need to download a sample template from the system. The sample template is available in CSV and XLSX format. Username is the only mandatory field but if you need to send Email and SMS invitations to candidates, you also need to provide Email and Mobile Number values.
    • For the Add individually method, you need to add candidates' profile information such as First/Last Name, Username one by one.
    • For the Common Link method, the username and password remains the same for all the candidates, but the number of attempts per user can be restricted. For example, if the count is 10, a user can take 10 attempts using the same test login details. The system will activate security questions to distinguish the candidate's identity in this scenario.
  • Assessment completion alert: This is an optional feature. If this feature is switched on, the system will send a notification email to the assigned email address once the test has been completed.
  • In the Candidate Notifications column, the system provides two delivery options: Email and SMS. Click on the pencil icon to select target templates. The template listed here is from the Scheduling category. Users can be added in cc and bcc of the email.
  • When the assessment contains special modules/questions that need to be evaluated or rated manually, a special column, Assign Invigilators (evaluators) will appear on the scheduling page.
  • In the invigilators list, all users who have Evaluate Candidates permissions can be selected as the evaluator responsible for the target candidate(s). Multiple evaluators can be selected.
  • Invigilators Notifications is also a special column that appears, accompanied by manual evaluation work. There are two kinds of notifications. One is assignment alert, which will be triggered when the test is scheduled. The other notification is completion alert, which will be triggered when the test is submitted by candidates and scores are generated. The recipient of these two alerts is the responsible invigilator (evaluator).
  • When you are happy with everything, press the Schedule button at the bottom right and then Proceed in the pop up window.
  • The test scheduling work is now complete.
  • When you choose the bulk data upload method to synchronize candidates' information, the system will download a credential list containing the username and password of each candidate in your upload list. This happens automatically when tests are scheduled.

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