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How do I resend a candidate invitation email on iAssess?

  • Go to My Assessments.
  • Find the target test and click on the Candidate Details icon, which resembles a piece of paper.
  • Input the target username/email (you can search multiple candidates' record by separating each email with a comma) in the search bar and run.
  • Select the Send Email button on the right in the Actions area.
  • Be aware that the system will send candidates invalid password values (displaying Same as previous one) in this notification. Even if you set password parameter coding in the template, the correct password still can not be synchronized.
  • If you have to resend the invitation with a valid password value, then please click on the reschedule icon and then select generate new password. This will create a new password which will be assigned to the candidate's email id.
  • You can also choose to resend SMS notifications or reschedule another test for the same candidate.
  • The system also allows you to change the password for any pending test (active but not running). This feature is located on the right end of each candidate's line.
  • Pending tests can also be disabled from here.

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