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How do I use the Bulk Import feature for candidates/interviewers on the iAssess platform?

iAssess supports bulk candidate/interviewer upload for smartmeet/codemeet interviews.

  • Go toConfigure and Schedule.
  • Configure the interview name, job role and evaluation parameters then press the Schedule Now button.
  • When you enter the Scheduling page, you will find the Bulk upload data button in the top right corner.
  • To use this function you will need to download a template from the instructions in a pop up window.
  • Refer to the example in the template and fill in the contents of each field, such as date, time, duration, interviewer email etc.
  • After editing the contents of the template, return to the iAssess platform and select upload file.

Through bulk uploading, you can effectively complete the synchronization of candidates and questions for tests or interviews.

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