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Where can I get help with issues I have with viewing or finding results on iAssess?

1. Not able to see ‘strong consider/ not consider’ on iAssess.
This usually happens when the candidate has not attempted one or more modules. You can download the excel sheet or the PDF report of the candidate and cross check the same. 
2. Not able to search a candidate on the portal.
Make sure that you are using the correct email ID of the candidate to locate the candidate on the portal. The email ID should be the one the candidate has keyed in the registration page while taking the test.
3. Candidate has completed the test but the status is ‘in progress’ on the portal.
This happens when the candidate did not submit the test correctly. The candidate might have exited the test in between or have violated the proctoring. The test will get auto submitted and the status will be shown as completed in the next 4 hours.
4. Portal shows that the result file has been downloaded but can’t find that in the system.
Please look for a pop up blocker on the top right hand side of the search bar while downloading the data. Click on the pop up blocker and then ‘allow access’.  The data will be downloaded in your system.

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