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How can I use the Import Candidate facility on the SHL Online system?

To save time when ordering a large number of candidate assessments, SHL Online allows you to upload all the details at the same time. This option can be found on the Project Candidates page.

Here you click on Download Import Template.

When prompted with “Do you want to open or save Candidate.csv”? select Open.

Please enter the candidates’ first name, last name, email address and the language code. (The language code specifies which language the invitation email will be sent in. A list of language codes is available under the ? symbol). Please ensure you do not include any spaces before or after entering the information.

When you have entered all the candidates’ details you should save your files in a CSV format.

To do this go to File – Save As – click on the location you wish to save the file to. In our example we chose to save it to our Desktop. This makes it easier to find again later when uploading the candidate information to the Self-service system.

When you are ready to upload your candidates return to SHL Online and choose to Browse… for the file containing your candidates’ information. Select the file and click Open. Now the file should be shown in the File field, click on Import File.

Your candidates will be uploaded to SHL Online and show on the Candidate List.

You can now continue with your order.

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